• What is Botox used for?

    Botox is a muscle relaxant which is mainly injected  when used for cosmetic purposes into the muscles around the frown lines, the forehead lines and around the outer eyes where the “crow’s feet” develop. After injection, it blocks the nerve signals that cause the muscles to contract when we frown, raise our eyebrows or squint.

  • Do the effects of Botox look artificial/will I be able to move my face?

    The effects do not give an artificial appearance and yes you will be able to move your face. When administering Botox, your practitioner will only be targeting the small specific muscle group which is responsible for the undesirable lines or wrinkles  Each result is individual dependant on the level of muscle relaxation you require; therefore your practitioner will adapt the treatment to your specific requirements.

  • What is dermal filler?

    Dermal filler is made up of Hyaluronic acid (HA) which is as natural moisturising component of the skin. Over time hyaluronic acid diminishes and dermal filler can be used to replace the lost substance to hydrate and plump up the skin tissue.

  • Is a treatment with dermal filler painful?

    Some discomfort can occur but we do our best to make your treatment as pleasurable as possible, we do this by using a topical local anaesthetic cream prior to injecting. Additional  local anaesthetic can be administered , in particular when treating lips which is also referred to as a “dental block”.

  • What is a chemical peel used for?

    Chemical peels approve the overall appearance of the skin but can also be used to treat specific skin concerns such as Hyper-pigmentation, Fine Lines, Acne and Acne Scarring. Although most people will experience these skin problems on the facial area, we can also offer a peel for different areas of the body including the back and chest. We also offer free skin analysis in Clinic and stock only the best medical skincare and  prescription only treatments and products such as OBAGI and Medi care Programmes.

  • What is the difference between the OBAGI Blue Peel® and the OBAGI Blue Peel Radiance®?

    The OBAGI Blue Peel uses TCA mixed with special blue base which penetrates surface layers of damaged, aged or Pigmentated skin cells. The damaged skin cells are removed by the peel and new undamaged cells will replace them.
    The OBAGI Blue Peel Radiance is a salicylic peel that removes the surface layer of skin cells. It is a much lighter peel and more suitable for more mild skin concerns and overall radiance. It is a quick procedure with little downtime.

  • What is intravenous nutrient therapy (IVNT) and who is it for?

    IVNT is a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that are administered through an intravenous drip. Whether you require a detox, immunity/energy boost, anti-aging , athletic specific etc.
    There is a drip available to suit everybody and there are many cocktails to choose from dependent upon the results that are desired. A customised formula can also be administered if required.

  • Why should I have a IVNT when I can just take oral supplements?

    When taking oral vitamins only 15% of the active nutrients may eventually find their way to your bloodstream. By having an intravenous drip you will receive a much higher concentration of nutrients which are fed directly and immediately into your bloodstream.

  • How many sessions of IPL would I need?

    IPL can be used for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, vascular therapy, Acne treatment/scarring and breast enhancement.
    The amount of sessions needed would depend upon what treatment you were having. For hair reduction, although you would see an improvement after your first treatment we would expect clearance after 6-8 sessions.
    In clinic we offer a flexible service where our clients can pay for their sessions as and when they need them rather than having to pay for a course of treatments. The amount of sessions needed differs greatly dependent upon many factors such as the area being treated and your natural hair growth cycle. There may also be something within your medical background that may influence you to require further treatments.

  • What does an IPL treatment feel like?

    Most patients describe the procedure as being mildly uncomfortable and not at all painful. With each pulse of light, patients say they experience a quick sting, like the sensation of a rubber band snap.

  • How would I benefit from a massage treatment?

    Massage has been used for many thousands of years as a natural healing technique. If you suffer from muscular tension then regular massage treatments would be very beneficial, as the manipulation of the soft tissues will over time retrain the muscle memory and create a more relaxed structure. Scientific evidence shows that during a massage other aspects of physical wellbeing are improved, the lymphatic and circulatory systems are stimulated and blood pressure is lowered.

  • What types of massage do you offer?

    Our massage therapist is able to provide different kinds of massage including pre-blended aromatherapy, Swedish, Hot Stone  and deep tissue.
    The areas which are incorporated and the pressure that is applied will vary depending upon the client’s needs and requirements.

  • What is a HD Brow?

    A HD Brow is a 7-step treatment that incorporates various methods of hair removal, tinting and application of brow make-up. HD brows can help to recover over plucked eyebrows or to re-create the shape.
    SMP is ink needled into the brow due to overly tweezing, alopecia or lack of natural hair to avoid the need to pencil in or use brow make-up.  We can also use SMP for permanent eyeliner and lip liner.

  • How long do HD Brows last?

    On average the results will last 4-6 weeks depending on the speed of your hair re-growth.
    SMP will always remain present in the skin, but a 12-18 month topping up is recommended to keep the colour and appearance fresh.

  • Does acrylic damage your nails?

    If done correctly they shouldn’t cause any damage to the natural nail. If your nails are weak then when they are over layed they will feel a lot stronger, once the acrylic is removed your nails will go back to how they were originally. They should always be soaked off properly either by the nail technician or following their instruction. If bitten or picked off you will in turn remove layers of your own natural nail which will cause damage/weakness.  We also offer Gel nails and Shellac in Salon.

  • How often should I have Infills?

    Acrylic should be infilled every 2/3 weeks as this will prevent damage to the nail that can be caused by lifting or liquids getting between the overlay and the natural nail. Regular maintenance is highly recommended.

  • What is LVL?

    LVL stands for Lift, Volume and Length. It is a lash enhancement without the use of a false eyelash extension. We use a combination of products to straighten and volumise the lashes from the root, finishing with a tint to give them a more defined appearance.

  • What is involved in a luxury facial treatment?

    In salon we use Clinicare which is a medical skincare range for our facials. During the hour and 15 minute treatment a thorough cleanse is conducted, followed by a skin analysis, facial steam and gentle skin peel, a facial, neck, shoulder and décolletage massage, application of mask, scalp/hand and arm massage, then completed with toner and moisturiser.

  • How would I benefit from having a luxury facial treatment?

    This treatment is suitable for all skin types, after a brief consultation the therapist will be able to adapt the treatment to your skincare needs. The use of the gentle peel will remove dead skin cells from the surface layer, taking away this barrier means that other skincare products will be able to access deeper layers of the epidermis. The peel is also effective for an oily skin as dead skin cells can contribute to blocked pores. Overall appearance is improved and your skin will have an immediate glow.