Approved by the FDA, Aqualyx is a water-based solution which is injected into fatty tissue, it then surrounds the cells and destroys them.

It works well in the face for areas such as jowls and chin to give a more defined facial contour. It also works on larger, more stubborn areas of fat such as the stomach, buttocks and upper arms where you may need more sessions.

Carrying out this procedure requires great skill and as you would expect, our technicians at FAB have received the full training in this technique and carry out all treatments with great care enabling very positive results. Prior to any treatment you will receive a full consultation to ensure you are an appropriate patient and that your aspirations can be achieved.

The treatment itself is not painful or uncomfortable in the face (in the body there can be some pain as larger areas are being treated). Numbing cream is used and the solution itself has some local anaesthetic.  Afterwards there is some swelling which disappears in the next few days.  When used on the body the technique is more aggressive and therefore recovery time, swelling and pain are  more pronounced.  All this is explained in detail at your consultation.

NB Aqualyx is not a substitute for diet and exercise, it is for stubborn areas of fat.

Aqualyx can be used in combination with other procedures such as fillers, thread lifts (which we also offer) as well as being a stand-alone treatment.

If you would like to find out more about Aqualyx and whether it could help you then join us at our Launch Event on Saturday, 7th September between 12 and 3pm.

The cost for a private 30-minute consultation with Barbara including a glass of prosecco and a mini facial carried out by one of our fully trained technicians is just £20.  You will receive more in depth information about Aqualyx as well as advice on the kind of results to expect and how many treatments you would need.

To book you can call us on 01785 214601 or book online using our website or App (search Facial Aesthetics and Beauty in the App Store).