Beautiful, empowering women inspiring other women to do good-that is what our charity event on the 14th September was all about.

The emotion from Sarah Parry, founder of the Freetown Trust, who wore her heart on her sleep and bought a jolt to our hearts about a charity which clearly means the world to her, spoke volumes. A huge thanks to to local and much loved business woman Barbara Pointon, who stepped up and gave back and organised an donated the entire days and evenings money to this wonderful cause.

Ariane Poole’s knowledge and expertise was second to none and we all had so much fun and learnt so much from a master of her craft, and thank her profusely for her time and effort.  We raised over £550 which will feed and support the girls at Yasodara Orphanage for the next month.

Here’s to the next instalment of our ongoing commitment. Thank you all.