‘Your mouth is central to the way you interact and express emotions, so treating lips requires care’.  So many occasions Barbara hears concerns or worries about having lip fillers – you know, the ‘trout pout’ and looking ‘unnatural’ after treatment.  And that is why, here at FAB we have carefully researched this ‘new in clinic’ filler, Belotero Lips Shape and Contour.

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS TWO-TIER APPROACH HAS BEEN DEVELOPED.  So, why is it different to every other kind of lip filler?

Simple! As the name suggests, there are two stages to this treatment

Stage 1 – treating the contour of the lips using a lighter weight hyaluronic acid to provide more definition and a more youthful appearance, the amount used being tailored to each client.

Stage 2 – naturally volumizing the body of the lips, balancing any irregularities, subtly lifting the cupid’s bow and drooping mouth corners using a more concentrated hyaluronic acid.  Giving the most natural result, again, completely tailored to each individual client.

Belotero Lips Contour and Belotero Lips Shape are the FIRST and ONLY to provide this two-stage approach.  We are delighted to offer this amazing treatment in clinic at £299 for  BOTH STAGES!

As ever we offer a free, without obligation consultation so that Barbara can suggest and advise the best treatment to achieve your desired result.  Contact us on 01785 214610 or use Facebook or our online App (search Facial Aesthetics and Beauty in the App Store)