May Day brought the first influx of aesthetic nurse delegates along to our Fascial Aesthetics & Beauty clinic to undertake the brand new Cosmo Pro Derma Peel training.

Arriving from as far away as Preston, a comprehensive Anatomy & Physiology of the skin structure, delivered by Cosmo Pro Liz Cowan was followed by an interactive practical session.

Models were treated to a Dermablading Session combined with the brand new Dermapeel combination treatment.

We first mechanically remove with a blade, all facial villus (peach fuzz) hair with up to 50% of dead surface skin cells.

The amazing derma peel can then efficiently penetrate deep down through the superficial skin layers to get best benefit from the active ingredients.

Pictured above: Barbara getting her treatment

Pictured above: A before/after of our therapist Lauren 1 week post treatment.

Ask for further details about Dermapeel in Clinic. Suitable for all skin types and a real gamechanger in medical grade skincare. Barbara Pointon is a member of Cosmo Pro Clinical Advisory Board and Trainer.

Telephone: 01785 214601 for more details.