Following the most recent Government announcement on Covid-19 (being reviewed on 2nd December) I want to clarify my position as a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner.  And to remind and reassure patients about our continued commitment to your health and welfare.

Firstly, we are NOT operating under ‘business as normal’ but we are able to make decisions in the context of the pandemic and the needs of individual patients. Under the current restrictions, we can practice according to our professional standards which means:

  • Is our Clinic safe and secure? – Yes – the measures we put into place when our clinic was able to re-open are still in place
  • Do we operate under a set of Covid-19 Protocols? – Yes – and they are in line with the guidance from the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners
  • Are we assessing individual patients? – Yes – this means I will take a holistic approach with each patient and decide whether they would benefit from treatment (or the continuation of their clinical plan).  This includes non-essential and non-urgent procedures

I would also like to stress that Barbara Pointon Facial Aesthetics and Beauty takes seriously the broader public health responsibility to support our National Health Service by ensuring we operate according to best practice outlined by industry best practice.

If you are unsure about anything at all, I am here to support you and I am happy to advise over the telephone on 01785 214601 or via WhatsApp.