If you have been following our Facebook Page (and we hope you have) you will know that we are excited to announce that from Monday, 23rd September we will be offering I-PRF combined with derma-filler to treat the tear trough area (to combat dark circles under the eyes) – something we have received many enquiries about.

Acting on feedback from our clients Barbara and Dan have been busy during the summer months receiving rigorous training at Cosmo Pro in order to competently carry out this procedure. Barbara can now add this to the extensive list of treatments already available at FAB.
We’ve detailed some of the science behind this innovative treatment:

  • I-PRF is a second-generation platelet concentrate, using an innovative concept without either anticoagulants or coagulation factors
  • It was invented and pioneered by Dr Joseph Choukroun et al in 2001, supported by over 100 scientific publications
  • It can be injected in the same way as dermal fillers.  PRP and I-PRF are concentrated platelets suspended in a small amount of plasma.
  • They also contain three adhesive molecules (fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin) that reinforces osteoconduction
  • I-PRF is a natural slow process, hence it has more suitable fibrin network for trapping of cytokines and growth factors and also cell migration
  • I-PRF not only contains activated platelets but it also contains leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells
  • The platelets and cytokines become ‘trapped’ within the fibrin mesh once injected, thus growth factors are released slowly
  • Clinical studies prove a slow spin preserves the platelet integrity and offers a more effective centrifugation
  • I-PRF does not use artificial gels or anticoagulants
  • I-PRF is not a poor quality PRP, it’s exactly the opposite because the platelets are activated instantaneously, releasing over 30 growth factors as the plasma is injected into the tissue
  • Cosmo Pro are the official UK and Ireland training provider and distributor for I-PRF and the company Barbara has collaborated with since she opened four years ago

In the photograph you can see Liz Cowan from Cosmo Pro pre and post treatment.  Liz received one treatment of I-PRF to the tear troughs and zygomatic arch (cheekbone).

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