Would you like the benefits of a face lift but without the down time of surgery and the cost involved in this? We would like to introduce you to a procedure that our Harley Street trained Aesthetic Nurse, and INP, Barbara Pointon specialises in.

Thread lifts are performed by inserting PDO threads under the skin at various positions to attain a result which is revolutionary for the aesthetic industry.  There are different types of threads, some have small hooks, some are plain and some spiral in shape. Inserting the different types of threads at the appropriate locations will maximise the result of the “face lift”

The initial PDO threads were not as complex as the newer versions, such as bi-directional threads. These newer threads can achieve a remarkable lift and also stimulates collagen production to produce a more youthful, tighter appearance. The older generation of threads are still used for the rejuvenation and tightening effects and can be used in addition to the newer bi-directional threads to achieve amazing results.  We will discuss in detail with you at your consultation, which effect and result will be obtained.

This treatment is performed in our clinic with local anaesthetic injections, so is relatively pain free, with the initial results being visible straight away and an optimum result appearing over a 3 month period.  Our thread face lift starts at £1,200 and we would welcome you to a free consultation with Barbara to discuss your needs.